Art for Peace: Practicing What We Preach

The Art for Peace group began as a response to the events of September 11th 2001.  Following that day I invited others into my home to make art as part of a community.  Invitations spread by word of mouth as students, colleagues, neighbors, and friends came together to make art.  People brought their art materials and food to share. There was no charge for the group.  We lit candles, ate, and worked side by side at my dining room table.  My intention was to hold a space to use the creative process to become peaceful so that we might return to our lives responsively instead of reacting out of fear. The group met every Friday night for five years, culminating with a panel presented in 2003 at the American Art Therapy Association, Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, and an exhibition in 2005 at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, Chicago, Illinois.  Fish, B. (2003). Art for peace: Practicing what we preach [Abstract]. Proceedings of the American Art Therapy Association, USA, 141.

Barbara Fish

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