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Barbara Fish

Carrying the Story: Response Art Informing Art-based Research,

This presentation offers fiction, informed by response art and employed to transform clinical experience into tales intended for the public. While protecting confidentiality, these stories offer vehicles for empathic engagement by elucidating the challenges of those whose struggles are marginalized and seldom the focus of public discourse.

Art-based Supervision: Supported by

response art at home and abroad

Presented with Sze-Chin Lee, MAAT, AThR, LPC

Art-based supervision is provided in many formats. Here supervisor and supervisee discuss their work together provided both locally and at a distance. Examples of art-based supervision supported by digital response art and video conferencing demonstrate the process. Issues intrinsic in distance supervision are addressed including confidentiality and other ethical concerns.

I will be presenting a supervision work at the annual conference of the Illinois Art Therapy Association in September, 2017

November, 2017

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Morriagan               (Fish, 2017)

September, 2017

This year I will be presenting two papers at the annual conference of the American Art Therapy Association in Albuquerque New Mexico in November 2017:

Branching Out: Developmental Stages in Supervision

This workshop provides an art-based opportunity to reflect on the stages of supervision from the perspective of both the supervisee and supervisor. Participants will use response art to explore their own developmental trajectory, identifying their experience and expectations for this important relationship.

Cautious Beginning (Fish 2015

Distance Supervision,                   (Fish, 2016)