Image-based Narrative Inquiry

This original qualitative research method created for my doctoral research was presented at the conference of the American Art Therapy Association in 2006. It establishes the image as the subject of the interview and explores its life story (Fish 2006a & 2006b).

Barbara Fish

Cliff Joseph

Bruce Moon

Barbara Fish
Presentation AbstractImage-based_Narrative_Inquiry_files/Image-based%20Narrative%20Inquiry%3B%20An%20Original%20Research%20Method%20%5BAbstract%5D.pdf

Fish, B. J. (2006a). Image-based narrative inquiry of response art in art therapy (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Dissertations & Theses database. (UMI no. AAT 3228081).

Fish, B. (2006b). Image-based narrative inquiry: An original qualitative research method [Abstract]. Proceedings of the American Art Therapy Association, USA, 107-108.

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